Hunting 5 Automatic 4.5mm/.177

Sale and delivery of weapons only in Germany. 
Distribution only to persons over 18 years of age, proof of age required.
1/2" UNF thread: No
Material shaft: Wood
Sights: Scope
Single shot or repeater: Repeater, Single shot
Type: PCP
Product information "Hunting 5 Automatic 4.5mm/.177"
Steyr Hunting 5 Automatic, caliber 4.5/.177, right-wing tensioner, walnut, black, 7.5 joules 44-50NRS-NU-SW-J7.5 Five-class semi-automatic brokerage-free by press air migration mileage coated 650 mm running-high-quality hole shaft from nut wooden-adjustable shaft-cap securation Patented magazine sealing pressure container with integrated manometer delivery in the 120 cm plastic case (1-KO-55) 2 Five shot magazine management instruction tool filling piece caliber 4.5 mm energy Up to 7.5 J

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